Our Olive Oil

Features of olive oil: The olive oil is a golden green in color, with a spicy, intense and bitter taste. The olive is grown on the eastern mountains of Granada. This area, along with Jaen, is one of the main producers of olive oil on a national level. The olive is called Picual. We emphasize that it is the most important variety in the world. This variety represents half of the total produced in Spain and 20% of global production.
It´s the healthiest variety due to its high concentration of antioxidants which is recommended for preventing disease, and it is also rich in components that produce noticeable health benefits.
• This olive oil provides vitamins: E,A and D.
• When raw, it is beneficial for bone growth along with the development of the brain and the nervous system, as it contains oleic acid.
• It does not produce cholesterol and it is great for cardiovascular and circulatory diseases.
• It is very important for the skin, for its contribution of vitamin E to the diet.

Method of the olive harvest, It is a semi-manual process, with the removal of the olive done by a machine that vibrates the trunk, consisting so that in this way. The fruit falls off earlier and in a large quantity, assisted manually by a traditional wooden stick. The grinding and churning is done in a cold climate at temperatures of less than 27ªC and with a very short mixing time, thus retaining all volatile components, maintaining the aromas and fruity flavors that are transmitted from the fruit to the olive juice.

  • 01 Aceituna en flor
    01 Aceituna en flor
  • 02 Aceituna Picual
    02 Aceituna Picual
  • 03 Recogida
    03 Recogida
  • 04 Proceso de limpia
    04 Proceso de limpia
  • 05 Maquinaria de limpieza
    05 Maquinaria de limpieza
  • 06 Maquinaria de decante
    06 Maquinaria de decante
  • 07 Oro verde
    07 Oro verde
  • 08 Depositos de almacenamiento
    08 Depositos de almacenamiento
  • 09 Etiquetado Botella
    09 Etiquetado Botella
  • 10 Botella
    10 Botella


Tasting notes: On the nose, great aromatic complexity with hints of green olive and natural undertones.. Crop and fruit components. In the mouth, has a sweet soft entry along with complex and harmonious notes. . After which there is a smooth well-balanced bitter and spicy taste. It is well structured and of a moderate persistence.

Consumer tips: Ideal for all types of dishes, on toast with fresh tomato, salads, all kinds of fish, poultry or grilled meats, pastas.
This oil is the most profitable. And can be used many times for frying, so it does not have to be renewed as often as any other oils.

AGranel: Extra virgin olive oil is sold by the liter

AlDetalle: Also sold by the bottle

Olive Oil of superior grade is obtained directly from olives and only through a mechanical process. Sanitary registration number S.R.N. 16610 GR
Analytical components